Social Media Marketing

Be where your customers are

Social media replaces nothing, but compliments everything. Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but its now about the stories you tell.

Social networking sites have revolutionized the way how people connect. Of course, the biggest among all is Facebook, followed by LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus.

So, why use Social Media for your business?

The answer is simple. It’s where your customers are, it’s where your next potential customer is. Social Media provides a brilliant channel for almost all businesses to market their own company and respective products. Not to mention, a sales and support platform.

With social media marketing campaigns, comes paid advertisements. Paid advertisements enables you to deliver your content right into your target’s doorstep. It has proven to be one of the few marketing campaigns that has the best Return-Of-Investment rate. With well-researched targeting, well-executed campaign, proper management and engagement, Social Media Marketing campaigns will surely revolutionize your business and take your company to new heights.

Unique Weekly Posts
Banner Ads
Social Media Accounts
Advertising Management
Monthly Reports
Blog Articles
Community Management Message Replies
Marketing Plus
4 Weekly
Up to 2 Accounts
4 Boosts
Report, Basic Analytics
Marketing Pro (Recommended)
7 Weekly
Up to 4 Accounts
8 Boosts
Report, Basic Analytics, Recommendations
Marketing Elite
14 Weekly
Up to 6 Accounts
12 Boosts
Report, Basic Analytics, Recommendations
2 (1200 words)
16 Hours

Marketing Plus
4 Unique Weekly Posts
2 Banner Ads
Up to 2 Social Media Accounts
4 Advertising Management Boost
Monthly Resports & Basic Analytics
Marketing Pro(Recommended)
7 Unique Weekly Posts
4 Banner Ads
Up to 4 Social Media Accounts
8 Advertising Management Boost
Monthly Resports & Basic Analytics, Recommendations
Marketing Elite
14 Unique Weekly Posts
6 Banner Ads
Up to 6 Social Media Accounts
4 Advertising Management Boost
Monthly Resports & Basic Analytics
2 Blog Articles (1200 Words)
16 Hours of Community Management Message Replies

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