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What is it like being a Xibre Digital employee?

Value Driven

Our actions in the company is anchored by our deep internal drive supported by our core values. That has helped us build our strong character. And that’s what’s going to bring out the leader in you.

Team Player

There is no “I” in Xibre. We believe that great results come from collaborative efforts of people who combine their skills in pursuit of a common goal. Always remember that in Xibre, building “A teams” is always of importance.


We have a lot of clients internationally, with that, a common language framework is essential to create a bridge for us and our set of diverse clients together. Get ready to take your English language skills to a next level.

Get High Together

Here at Xibre we always get to work on high profile projects. Which means that we get schooled on the highest standard of technical excellence so that we get high-impact results all day, every day.

Eagerness To Learn

We at Xibre believes that knowledge is a force that can move mountains, overcome weakness and inspire creativity. We always put eagerness to learning so we can turn our projects from good to great.


As we spend most of our time at work, we always make it a point to have fun! Enjoy TGIF parties at the office or spend the holidays out of town together! Here at Xibre, we work hard! But we party harder!

Be A Part Of Our Rockstar Team! Join Xibre Digital Now!

A career at Xibre Digital will not just give you the opportunity to indulge your inner geek. It will also give you the privilege to work with an entire team of super cool and creative technophiles who are masters of their own craft.

If you’ve got what it takes to help us craft perfect-pixel designs or weave epic-codes. Check the requirements below, we are currently in need of:

Meet The Rockstars

Coders by profession. Creatives by heart.

Carlo is the personification of the saying “Driven and Determined”

A self-motivated and strong willed talent who has unparalleled coding craftsmanship. As a Senior web developer, he has mastered the art of front-end and back-end web development. A man that weaves epic code with surgical precision and control – always clean, always methodical – to make your out-of-the-box, out-of-this-world, out-of-the-ordinary ideas come to life.

Yuan Karlo
Sr. Web Developer

Confidently creative with a heart. Kimo is someone who lives and breathes the saying, “learning never stops”.

A young, gorgeous, fun-to-be-with scholar who specializes in web/UI/UX/logo design. A prodigy who create user-centered, pixel-perfect designs through studying user research, testing and psychology principles.  She is a master of crafting web design that is not just useful for users but also visually stunning.

Art Director

Kel is a leader, a dreamer, and a game-changer. A person that helps you improve your “career” not just your “job.”

Deeply charismatic, Kel inspires his team to conquer their weaknesses, to think beyond their age and abilities, and to fearlessly look towards the future of their career. As one of the best project managers around, he makes sure that everything is done smoothly, accurately, and most importantly, ahead of time and schedule.

Project Manager

Bobby is the epitome of “Knowledge is Power”

A self-taught digital marketing expert who plans and executes all of our digital marketing ventures, from SEO/SEM, SMM to any digital marketing campaigns. He exhibits single-minded focus when working, neither a noisy coworker nor a zombie apocalypse can distract him. always putting in the extra hours of work, even when not required, just so he can work faster, smarter, harder.

Bobby G
Digital Marketing Specialist

A leader, a visionary, a woman with a plan. That’s Marianne. Curiosity and charisma—these are two words that define our Business Development Executive, Marianne

Innately curious, Marianne is fascinated by cross-cultural and anthropological idiosyncrasies. Some people think outside the box; Marianne is the complete opposite of it. She’s the type of person who not only asks “why?”, but more importantly, stubbornly asks, “why not?”

Business Development Executive

Web Developer by Day. Raver By Night. Jawlines on fleek. Enzo gets pay to slay.

Enzo is a living, breathing proof that the best gifts come in small packages. Bursting with coding intelligence and unparalleled focus, Enzo is a lean, mean, developing machine who can build the best websites under the most savage situations. An over-the-top funny, witty, and cool looking guy who just can’t stop and won’t stop. Join us here at Xibre and feel the Enzperience.

Web Developer

Krishy is one of the best digital strategists in the market.

Krishy is a woman fueled by her passion. That is what compels her to bravely conquer the horizons of the unknown, to push the envelope, and to splash colors on gray areas. Outside of work, she is someone who loves food-ventures (especially buffets). Inside the office, she is a woman of great stature, someone who can turn any lead into loyal paying customers.

Digital Strategist

Yanna Grande has an aura of a dangerous woman, but don’t worry she’s not.

Put Yanna in a crowd and she’s definitely going to stand out. She definitely personifies the saying, “beauty and brains.” As one of the leading digital strategists in the country, she can convert a lot of leads into loyal paying customers in no time. Yanna truly is a person of great talent, unparalleled English communication skills, and a charisma that no one can say no to.

Yanna Grande
Digital Strategist

Mama Gracia AKA Ma’Grace is the best-ever, most reliable and hardworking Finance and Office Admin Manager in the Milky Way.

Filled with patience, positivity, empathy, leniency, compassion, and understanding, Mama Gracia is easy to communicate and connect with. Considered by all as the “mother superior” of the company, she’s the go-to person for all employee concerns, from personal issues, business matters, to administrative concerns. 

Mama Gracia
Finance and Office Admin Manager

Kev lives and breathes the motto “Better Than Yesterday”

Kev is someone that helps a lot of his co-employees when they are having problems. As one of the best in the business, he makes sure that every thing is in order (software and hardware wise). To kindred spirits, his radical honesty and dark sense of humor are endless sources of amusement(or rather, occasional sources of bewilderment).

IT Specialist

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