In the past several years when there was no Internet, marketing was all about broadcasting. But everything changed through the emergence of the Internet and different social media sites such as Facebook. It changed the game for marketing. Marketers learned that spreading the word about their products is not enough and they needed to do more – and that is to interact with the consumers.

Interaction is very vital to the success of one’s business. Marketers know how important it is to win the hearts of their customers. Once you lose in this game, it will be hard for the business to redeem itself. But why is interaction the new marketing?

Before, consumers wanted to give their feedback to the businesses but just couldn’t due to the limits of traditional media and the new media gave them the avenue to do it now. If they can give their feedback, they also demand for a reply. They want conversation, which is a two-way process, on the web.

In general, consumers want to know that someone is listening to them. They need an assurance that these businesses care about them. If they feel this, they will continue to patronize the business and its product and even promote them. Otherwise, they will lose him or her and lose more in the process as it is easy for one to spread the negative news in just a few clicks. Remember, bad publicity is publicity but it will never be good for your business.

As I’ve said earlier, we get their feedback in the process. And through these, we get to determine and understand our market which helps a business serve them better. Also, we learn the problems that the consumers have with the business and the product.

Interacting with consumers on the web is also less expensive and sometimes even free than broadcasting through traditional media platforms but is better at hooking your target consumers. Engaging your consumers on the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites is virtually free and unlimited but the scope of its reach is even larger than an ad on television, radio and newspaper.

Interactive marketing has proven to be efficient in attracting and gaining more consumers. Marketers have long realized this and are working on getting their market share online. Although this sounds very promising, it is much complicated than what we think. Strategic planning is a must to ensure that how businesses interact online coincides with their branding.

Interaction is the New Marketing by Dhan Lawrenz De Leon


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