Systems Development Services


Xibre Digital offers a range of systems to cater for your operational needs. These systems are designed to ease business process and improve the efficiency of your overall workforce. Gone are the days where you encode everything in a spreadsheet or a log book. Our software and systems development services are guaranteed to eliminate redundancy and improve efficiency. Having an internal system is vital to overseeing your operations, it eliminates the filing of paper work and filling out logs, giving you the ability to generate a report with just a click. Users can be assigned into different roles to take on different tasks and have different access levels, thus also improving the information security of your business.

Not to mention the occasional but rather devastating issue of data loss and breach, having an internal system for your business ensures that your data is backed up, may it be locally or in the cloud. With the right system for your business, you can even go paperless and integrate all your business process in one system. In this way, you can monitor and see everything, generate a report about anything and delegate a role to someone while limiting access to confidential and sensitive functions of your operations. This will not only eliminate the redundancy of your workforce but also eliminate those reports and memos that are stacking on your table.


Xibre Digital provides customized Web Portal solutions to enhance business performance by creating single access point to various information resources. These web and enterprise portals unite data sources, content and applications in one place and make them available for users depending on a wide range of business objectives and user roles. So why is a web portal important to a business?

Having web portals is critical to those businesses that have users handling multiple business operations (e.g. HR with payroll and timekeeping). It revolutionizes the way your business operates. It’s a game-changing one stop shop of different operations, information and interaction within your company. Web Portals give your company one location for everything but still gives variety of information and functions. An example would be a company found out that employees spend about 40% of their time researching. This company built a library where all necessary information and links can be found. Through a Web Portal, this library can be accessed by anyone within their intranet. Now, this company saves a lot of money due to the increased workforce productivity and efficiency. A Web Portal will serve as the center of your business – a door that leads to realizing old and new potential. A gateway to all the possibilities.


Designing a Database is the process of identifying information needing to be stored by an application, determining a logical data structure and creating an information storage plan.

Xibre Digital provides professional database design, development and integration services for all major database platforms. Our database specialists can upgrade an existing database, enhance existing database for optimum performance, or design a new high-performance database solution for your business process.

Our database team has helped numerous organizations identify and resolve complex business problems. We have hands-on experience in a wide variety of business technologies and environments. Xibre team can help you identify and resolve problems with your existing business processes, information systems and technology utilization, resulting in a more efficient database development process.


Xibre Digital also provides businesses with internal systems that help centralize processes, data and make work easier for different business units. Imagine having an attendance system that stores a biometric entry of each employee, and anyone within the corporate network can view their respective attendance on the system, while HR can generate reports and payroll can use the same data. This does not only eliminate redundancy and endless paperwork, but also makes life a lot easier not only for respective departments but the entire workforce. It also gives management the ability to save precious time monitoring employee and business performance, and the flexibility to access information any time or place on their laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Let Xibre Digital help you reach new heights.

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