Web Maintenance


Website maintenance is the process of making sure that your website is running smoothly, has no problems or loopholes that anyone can exploit. Website maintenance can be carried out on a regular or scheduled basis. There are also different types of web maintenance like Corrective Web Maintenance, Preventive Web Maintenance, Troubleshoot Web Maintenance, and Update Web Maintenance. These different types of web maintenance cover almost all aspects and functionalities behind a website including but not limited to Hosting, Domains, Website Performance Optimizations, Feature Testings, Threat Analyzations, Website Loading Speed, Content Updating, Troubleshooting, Upgrading, Security Scanning and Implementations, Backup and Restoration, Malware Scanning, Repairs, and Website Core Updates.


Any business that has a website needs website maintenance. Regardless of the size of a business, website maintenance is very crucial and important to keeping a website functioning. Your website is your presence on the internet and is instrumental on how your business is perceived, thus you cannot afford to have it down for a period of time as it means potentially losing business. Having website maintenance means that you can perform all the necessary process without taking your site down. A website could have an “Under Maintenance” page that has contact details hence your business is able to inform the visitors of the ongoing activity and still gives them a way to contact you which will even boost your professionalism and credibility, whereas if your website is simply down, without any notice, this will reflect on your company’s image and cost you potential business.

A well-maintained website is critical in keeping the interest levels of regular clients and also attracting new clients. A routine check on contact forms and other contact details should ensure that any visitor that wants to contact you through your given platform on your website, is available at all times. Not having website maintenance can mean losing business. Imagine having a website, you opted not to have your website maintained. Now, after a year, you found out that there were some issues. The contact form is not working due to a malicious attack, your website is flooded by ads or running very slow due to cyber-attacks and malware. As result your website was down for a week during April, or your website was down for an entire month of November. Come to think of the potential businesses and clients that were lost during these times, due to not having website maintenance. So is website maintenance important? Yes indeed, it is.



Your website shouldn’t feel like a responsibility, a second job, or something that consumes all your spare time! Web Maintenance is very time consuming and has a steep learning curve. Who has the time to make all those small changes when you’re running a business? Whether it’s testing the contact form, updating a contact number, troubleshooting or optimizing your website’s performance. Xibre Digital is here to make sure that your website is up-to-date so your website attracts more visitors, generates more traffic, converts more leads, disseminates new clients and retains your regular clients.

Xibre Digital has dedicated team who manage web maintenance services. Composed of web security specialists, website administrators, webmasters, website auditors, domain and hosting experts, you can be assured that your website is in good hands.

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