Who We Are


Xibre Digital is a global digital marketing and creative agency that takes pride in producing modern, responsive and quality websites. We specialize in Website Design, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing.

Our objective is to increase your online growth and establish your web presence in a cost effective approach. Our commitment is to deliver digital marketing solutions that will help you meet your marketing goals together with web solutions that have proven to give results.


Our Vision is to emerge as a group renowned for digital, creative and web solutions in the world of technology providers, offering cost-effective solutions that are best in quality and exceed customer expectations.

Our Mission is to give the Small-Medium Sized Enterprise a chance to compete with the larger players by developing top class web solutions and digital marketing strategies, using cutting-edge technologies that bolster business credibility and improve your marketing power. We aspire to integrate our ingenious expertise and resources to devise unique attributes that will give your brand an exclusive identity.


We provide professional web solutions such as web hosting, web designing, web developing, email hosting, website redesigning and website features including E-commerce, Content Management System or CMS, Payment Gateways, Booking Systems, Management systems and many more.

We also provide digital marketing campaigns & services such as on-page search engine optimization or SEO, off page SEO, social media marketing, google AdWords and Facebook advertisements.



Sales & Account Executives

This team is responsible in liaising with you for information and requirements gathering, collection of all project deliverables, agreements and approvals. The Sales & Support Team is your link to the rest of the team and relay the data needed for your website’s design and development.

Customer Care

Xibre customer care ensures that all clients are happy. This team assigns what support does the client need, may it be technical, sales or management.


Web Developer

This team is responsible for the coding, programming, content incorporation, and construction of your website.

Software Engineer

This team consists of system developers, database administrators and application programmers, ensures that your features provide maximum user experience.


Project Manager

Each project has a dedicated project manager that will handle and oversee the operations, making sure that everything is in order and going towards the goal.

Team Leader

Team leaders set up external and internal deadlines for their respective team to meet and also facilitate the nitty-gritty details and features of the project.


Web Security

This group is responsible for making sure that your walls cannot be breached as your website is not vulnerable to attacks and exploits.

Web Masters

This team is responsible for the maintenance, updating and optimization of websites ensuring that your website and its content are well-maintained and never obsolete.


Web Designer

This team will be in charge of conceptualizing, imagining or re-imagining, and visualizing your website’s design thru creative sitemaps, wire frames and mock-ups.

Graphic Designer

This team is in charge of all designs, graphics, layout, and animations.


Technical Support

Client queries will be handled by this team and they make sure that everything is addressed.

Legal Counsel

Our legal counsel is a well seasoned lawyer that ensures all relevant projects are done within the realms of the law and all legal documents are served to protect both parties.


Quality Assurance Team

The Quality Assurance team will be responsible for testing and debugging of projects for final release and publishing. They make sure that quality is maintained.

Technical Specialist

These people specializes providing workarounds, solutions and fixes with regards to client concerns. This team are trained to provide exceptional support and will make sure that all technical queries are addressed accordingly.


SEO Specialist

This team is responsible for transforming your website visitors into your regular clients and giving you a high page rank on search engines such as Google, ensuring that your voice is heard all over the internet.

Social Media Marketing

This team is responsible for marketing your brand in the hottest social media channels. They will make your presence felt by your target market and give more recognition to your brand.


Xibre Digital uses fresh and innovative ideas to provide dynamic and responsive websites, dazzling web designs and strong digital marketing. The secret is: we plan, plan, and plan. We plan a lot to come up with the best strategy and tactical advantage for your business to succeed online. We give our clients the best state-of-the-art solutions without leaving cost-effective measures. Our specialists have remarkable teamwork, technological understanding, and an eye for detail which is vital and instrumental in ensuring that our work has consistency in terms of quality. More importantly, Xibre Digital put the clients at the heart of everything they do.

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